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If you had've asked teenage Emily whether she would be streaming TTRPG on Twitch by the time she was 30... She definitely wouldn't have thought you were right. 

For as long as she can remember, Emily has been passionate about entertainment - whether it be film & television or music - it all came down to one common thing. Experiencing great stories. 

Emily's introduction to TTRPG came when she met a new group of work friends invited her along to sit in on a Dungeons & Dragons session, curious to see what it was all about she absolutely did not turn this one down. Their campaign had been ongoing for years and watching the story unfold and the commitment everyone had to their characters, left Emily coming back to sit in on all of their sessions - Until eventually they mentioned that she "wasn't allowed" to come back unless she played... The rest is history. 

"I love creating characters that allow me to experience thoughts and challenges that make me think... that allow me to live through complex emotions" Emily mentions about character creation "I love listening to the situation unfolding before me and trying to figure out, based on the backstory I've written and the things we've been through so far are going to effect the choices I'm about to make". 

With the conception of Fates Grip - Emily was excited to put her background in production and event management to use and combine it with the new game she had now.... just a tiny obsession with. "Fates Grip has truly changed my life, the amount of incredible creators we've had a chance to meet from around the world is something I am so eternally grateful for

Emily is currently the mind behind characters Amara Cenari (Campaign One), Luna Sol Aurora Tarot (Campaign Two) and most recently Kailani Lea Zateri in the brand new Campaign Three! 

Emily is additionally now undergoing her first steps into the world of DMing with the Fates Grip Presents: Echoes of Divinity campaign, and is the Host and producer behind the Thirsty Thursday and Mates Quip Q&A Series. 

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