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Michele Grasso


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Michele was introduced to Dungeons & Dragons on a fateful day when the Player’s Handbook, version 3.5 made its way into his high school in 2001. With a new friend introduced into his circle, the journey began. Had they not met, Michele may never have been introduced to the game! 

As Micheles introduction to D&D he decided to play a wizard and has a very distinct memory of turning into a titan to save the city - However, the townspeople had no idea what was about to happen and were terrified upon seeing his form, even after he boomed out, ‘I am a good Titan!’. Though he wasn't quite sure what he was doing, it was the moment he fell in love with TTRPG. 

Since then, Michele has honed my skills as a Dungeon Master. In his words "I am so lucky to have a group of friends with whom we can play live weekly" and that came with the birth of Fates Grip. "I love the improvisation of it. The game has built up my confidence as a public speaker" Michele says. 

One of Micheles biggest loves is making complex characters, intricately woven around his players and their fears and loves. Micheles NPC's have been one of the big strengths of the Fates Grip Campaigns, he always ensures to tie their needs in with the players so there is a connection that is grown. "I concentrate on building up to the players backstories and love cliffhangers relating to this

When it comes to favourite parts of the game, Michele isn't afraid to tackle the tough parts of being a DM.  "Seeing the horror on the players’ faces when they die or nearly die then what it takes to bring them back from the brink." It's all about creating interesting and tense stories for the cast of Fates Grip.  "I love their faces when they get magic items they can use, and when they interact with each other for an hour without me saying a word, the magic of D&D is formed

Michele has just launched Campaign 3 over on the Fates Grip channel, taking the part back to where it all began, In Eberron. 

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